Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What I actually planned to do yesterday: sew like crazy. Make more aprons. Up the stock in the Etsy shop.

What I actually did do yesterday: grocery shop. The "big shop." Sam's Club and Aldi. I sneaked in a trip to Goodwill, also, and made a slight killing. Many plans for scarves and aprons out of other things. Plus, I found this Ohio State Buckeye throw for just $2.99 -- in NC State and UNC territory! Go figure!

So today I must sew, sew, sew.

One thing that irritated me yesterday and still does today: Babydoll was too young, apparently, to check out the two books I need -- "Red" and "White" by Ted Dekker -- because they are adult fiction and she is only 13. She went to the library without me yesterday. And then today is Veteran's Day, and the library is closed. While I appreciate their policy on keeping adult fiction out of the hands of small children -- she is 13, and I honestly thought these books were in the young adult fiction section. I appreciate policy but I bristle under the inconvenience.

I am such a person who is "spirit of the law" versus "letter of the law."


One thing that made me happy yesterday and makes me happy again today: I am going on a very short trip this weekend! It's off to Columbus Ohio and parts home to see my Mama. A friend here needed a traveling companion to drop off some mission items, so I'm it! I get a break, I get to read, I get to be with my Mama, I get to do some nominal Christmas shopping.

Life is good!

And now I must leave you and get those girls o' mine to clean up the big mess all the Marco Polos made last night during their movie night with popcorn and pizza.

I love it when all the kids come over. They're so much fun.


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Debbie said...

Your library won't let a 13 year old check out an adult book? That is the weirdest thing I've ever heard. My kids started reading adult fiction at 9 or so. Wow. I will be obsessing about this all day!
I like your blog.