Saturday, December 27, 2008

Odd Things.

Just a few observations.

1. Remember that song you learned in Sunday School about Zaccheus? After the holidays at Mom and Dad's (where Mom bought a Wii so the kids would all have cool stuff to do) --

Miss Jen she had a Wii little arm
And a Wii little arm had she!
It ached and hurt and boy was sore
Cause the-tennis-was-so-fun you see!

Man does my right bicep/tricep ever hurt. Seriously. But I had a bunch O fun playing Wii tennis!

2. After reading about half my blogs that I read -- I have a boatload of catching up to do! -- I have realised that knitting has indeed overtaken the crafting world. Must be Julia Roberts' influence.

I do not knit. It's the straight needles; they trip me up every time. So lodge-ick-callee, I must not be a crafter. Therefore I must be made of wood, and must float, so that makes me a witch? (slight little attempt at a ha-ha there for all the Monty Python fans among us).

3. I didn't make Christmas dresses this year. Everyone's fit from last year -- except Bug, who apparently has grown. Let's just say the top half of the dress is pretty tight! I'm happy that they didn't object to the reuse of last year's fashion. They were gorgeous today as they sang for a precious friend's wedding (that made me cry, and nothing makes me cry!).

4. M&M's still give me a headache. I think it's the combination of the sugar and the dye in the candy. But Santa gave me a large bag of peanut butter ones in my stocking. What's a girl to do?

5. OMG, gotta get on the weight loss this next year.

6. I wished on the most beautiful star of the evening last night as we drove home, going south and east through Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia. Night fell as we were in the mountains just south of Charleston, WV. I believe it was actually the planet Venus -- but I wished and prayed and found many things for which to be thankful this year. It was an hour or so of silent-in-my-head-all-out-praise to our Lord and King.

I am so grateful. Truly.

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Lola Goetz said...

I *do* remember that song - it was "Something Better Than Gold" and there were several other verses, too. My mom has the lyrics. I remember something about a Hebrew Maid, Naman the leper, and I'm sure there's more. (Oh, Shadrach, Meshach and Abendego!)