Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Barbie-ism

The garage sale continues. Stuff is everywhere. Not sure I'm making any money but I am keeping busy.

This has been quite a week. Rose had her wisdom teeth out Friday. She is our Squirrel. Barbie once tried to make a snide comment about what a squirrel she is, and called her a chipmunk instead. I almost died laughing over that one. Oh, the tone she used!

Now she looks a bit like a chipmunk. But only on one side, since they had to leave one of the teeth in. The Boyfriend doesn't know what to do, (typical man) and she is cranky because people have been messing with her. (Here, honey, have another Vicodin.)

I went to two doctor's appts this week; I've had it with these sinus headaches and I am insisting that they remove my head and fix it and then put it back on. They have instead put me on an antihistimine which knocks me out for 24 hours at a time. They have also promised a potential CAT scan of my head in 3 weeks.

Maybe I should contact Dr. House. I bet he'd take my head off and fix it and then put it back on right. (yawn)

And the latest priceless comedy moment from Barbie:

Hunk O Man and Rose and Barbie were getting out of the car at Chick-fil-A, where Rose used to work. Rose noticed that there was an unmarked police car in the parking lot. Rose knows these cars because apparently the police here frequent Chick-Fil-A more than the local donut shop.

Rose: "Hey look. There's an unmarked police car."
Hunk O Man: "Oh, yeah. "
Barbie: "Well it doesn't LOOK like a police car."


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Debbie said...

I wish they could take my head off and clean it out too! Let me know if they figure out how to do that.