Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flu, Flu, Go Away. And Don't Come Back No More.

Yep, still running the hospital. Except I'm the one that got the chills and aches this time. I was in bed all day Thursday with it, but am fine now. A couple of doses of Tamiflu has been feeling like myself again.

We have a french exchange student arriving today -- only to pass her off to another family for the next two days so we don't make her sick! Bunny's room is very french, so we have her staying there. We are ready, almost (gotta clean house and disinfect everything). For the next two weeks we will be happily speaking french and showing her all things American. It should be fun; I realised yesterday this means I'll have 6 kids in the house. Guess I'll have to cook, eh?

I did finish an apron, but don't like the looks of the neck ties. This is what I get for designing as I go -- a lot of starting and stopping and tearing out and resewing. It's such a pain, but I suppose I am happy that in the end, I get just what I want.

Housework is calling to me, and I must rally the troops. This is going to involve cleaning the girls' bathroom. If you are the praying sort, this would be a good time . . .

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Christy Sews said...

My prayers are definitely with you as you step into the other land knows as the girls' bathroom. God bless you for taking in an exchange student. It sounds like it will be fun for everyone involved!