Thursday, September 11, 2008

PR Dish

Well! Finally a challenge that got rid of two designers, and got us down to a manageable amount of people to compete. And now there are only six.

Firstly, the designers were not at all happy to find that their designs would be judged by former contestants of PR. To this I say, "Get over it."

Then they weren't happy to have their own auf'ed compadres as partners. To this I also say "Get over it."

(by the way, Bug and Rose are on kitchen for their chore this week, and once again I woke up to a kitchen full of dirty dishes. They say they hate doing it. To this I reply, "Get over it!")

So they were supposed to make an Avant Garde "look" inspired" by an astrological sign.

avant garde: unorthodox or daring; radical. (from

Barbie was watching this with me and noticed that her sign, Gemini, was not represented. The conversation went like this:

Barbie: Those are totally not zodiac signs.
Baby: Yes they are.
Me: Yes they are.
Barbie: No they aren't. They so are not zodiac signs.
Baby: Yes they are, Barbie!
Me: Why do you think they aren't?
Barbie: They're not zodiac signs. They're astrological signs.
Me: Honey, they are zodiac signs.
Barbie: Then where's mine?
Me: Honey, just because they don't have your sign represented doesn't mean they
aren't zodiac signs.
Barbie: That's so not fair! I want an outfit too!

So Blayne is out.

Buh-bye, Blayne. I have no problem with this because he's so young and has so many more chances to make his mark. And this outfit was just ridiculous.

He'll grow up a little and get better. Nuff said.

Terri, on the other hand, is also out.

She's made some decent things, but honestly, I hated her attitude. It was like somebody put a burr under her seat. Jeesh. She was so uncooperative with Keith, her partner, who could have really helped her.

I know it's all about the outfit, but I'm glad she's out just because she was such a pain!

Korto (whose name is apparently pronounced "kah-toe") was once again robbed of a win.

This was gorgeous and flowing and very water-like. I loved it. It looked gorgeous coming down the runway.

LeAnne was also robbed, but then she's won a couple of the past weeks in a row, so there you go. Maybe she wasn't robbed after all.

This is supposed to represent the idea of a scorpion. And it's supposed to be a dress, not a costume, so I think it does the job. It's "inspired" by the idea of the thing. That's one thing that LeAnne seems to do exceptionally well; I think it speaks highly of her as an artist.

This won. It was made by Jerrell.

Once again, I have to say that I am a normal person, a mom living in the real world, and roughly 20+ years older than most of these designers.

And I ask you. Are you kidding me? THIS won? It beat the other two things just above?


Fashion is certainly in the eye of the beholder.

I'm just sayin.

So that's it until next week and what looks to be the Lady-I-Had-As-A-Former-Schoolteacher challenge. That should be interesting.

Actually, I'd love to hear what you think if you watch this show, or even if you just have something to say about the photos of things above. What is it with youth these days? We couldn't possibly have been that full of ourselves, could we have?

(wink wink)