Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hello, Old Friends

What's your favourite song?

Personally, I can never decide on just one. It's like asking who is my favourite daughter. They're all my favourites at different times, and all the time in different ways. I tell each of them that she's my favourite -- and nobody puts much stock in it, because I say it to all of them all of the time. And yet nonetheless, it's so true.

My favourite song? Music is something that moves me, moves my heart and my soul and touches me in very intimate places in my heart. It reaches in with wispy, spirit-fingers that sometimes soothe, sometimes calm, and often stir things up.

One song today came to mind as I was thinking about what to write here. My readings today in scripture were all about men avoiding loose women (Proverbs), Jesus in Gethsemane (Luke), and David calling down hellfire on his enemies (Psalms). Nothing really struck me, or stood out to me as something I wanted to talk about.

But I was reminded of this particular song -- one of my favourites --

Hello, old friends
There's really nothing new to say
The old, old story bears repeating
And the plain old truth grows dearer every day
When you find something worth believing
That's a joy that nothing can take away

Which translates to this in my brain:

Dear Mom,

Nothing much going on today. Same old same old. Jesus is still my Saviour, and died on the cross and rose again, alive. What good news! The fact that God has forgiven my sins through our Lord's sacrifice grows more precious to me each day. The economy is bad, times are hard, but I thank God that we are in the palm of His hand, and nobody can grab us out.



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Debbie said...

That is lovely!
I've seen other people chose a favorite song. I don't know how I would ever do it.