Monday, February 23, 2009

A Little Laughter

I have a heavy heart today. Not depressed -- believe me, I know the difference! But heavy, as in saddened by things I can't fix. I watched the Oscars last night -- what a show! It was mostly pretty good; Hugh Jackman rocked! But I was saddened to see how we rewarded "Milk."

Put it any way you like -- I am for homosexuals and against homosexuality. The same way I'm for lusters and against lust. Just like I'm for adulterers and against adultery. Or for murderers and against murder. Or for gossips and against gossiping.

Let's face it, the foot of the cross is level ground, because in the end it really doesn't make any difference what it is that separates you from God. What matters is that we're separated.

It seems like rewarding the bad behaviour amounts to looking the opposite direction of the bridge -- the bridge being Jesus, of course. For most people, it's just easier to try and get sinners on their side rather than to get themselves on the side of Jesus. As if majority ruled or something. And honestly, campaigning seems like a lot more work and energy than just joining the other side.

Ah, if only I realised this on a daily basis and quit putting all my energy into the wrong things!

Since all this makes my heart heavy, I thought I'd share with you a little story, totally Barbie. This happened when she was 6 years old (she's now 16):

Hunk O Man asked Barbie about her Sunday School lesson that day.

She said "It was about the Good Samaritan.."

He then asked her for the details of the story, just to see if she'd been paying attention -- because not only was this a 6-year old, this was our Barbie.

She related the details of the story of the Good Samaritan pretty well. Hunk O Man was impressed! He then asked her what she'd learned from this particular story.

Barbie didn't even hesitate:

"Well two things, Daddy. First of all, if you're going on a walk like that, always take an adult with you. And second, you should always remember to take your cell phone in case you need to call 911."

Never let it be said that God's Word isn't always relevant in today's day and age.



A living interpretation... good or bad! said...

God gives you such beautiful words to express how He must feel. He is for those of us who just can't seem to get it right but He is against the sin that entails us. He totally loves us and keeps pursuing us until we can rest in His arms.

Queen B said...

Great words by Barbie!

I love how you explained being against the sin but for the sinner. That is such a clear way of stating something that often comes out of my mouth completely jumbled!